Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer Intelligent Electronic B-lood Pressure Monitor 99 Memory Groups


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This ptoduct is an intelligent electronic b-lood pressure monitor for professional measurement and functions of memory reading, b-lood pressure warning and automatic shutdown, useful tool to check and track your healthy condition.

Measurement of b-lood pressure:The on/off button should be pressed down and loosened, then the b-lood pressure monitor starts to charge for measurement. During measurement, please do not move or talk.(If mmHg appears on the screen, the measurement unit is mmHg; or else kPa.)
View memory: The b-lood pressure monitor can store 99 groups of memory. After each measurement, the b-lood pressure monitor will automatically store measured data. When the memory capacity is full, old measured data will be covered by new data. The memory button is pressed down in sleep mode. The first display is average value of the last three times of measurement. The measured value of each time can be checked by pressing the button in sequence. 
Delete single memory group: In memory mode, the Setup button is pressed down for long time until DEL' is displayed at the centre of the screen; then the memory button is pressed down to delete the current memory groups.
User selection: The setting button is pressed down for three seconds in sleep mode until the user icon“1”is flickering.  The memory button is pressed down to select user “1”/“2”.
Time setting: After the user is selected, the setting button is pressed down until the icon is flickering. Then year, month, date, hour, minute should be selected in sequence by pressing down the setting button every time. The memory button can be pressed to adjust, and the setting button is pressed to confirm. The time will be confirmed as system default time if it is not adjusted.
B-lood pressure unit selection: The b-lood pressure in OFF state is mmHg , in ON state is kPa. The memory button is pressed to select, and the setting button
 is pressed to confirm.
Display mode: liquid crystal display screen
Measuring mode: demosurization type oscillometric method for measurement
Power supply: 2 AA alkaline batteries(3V)
Measuring way: oscillography
Measurement range: 20-280mmHg/2.7-37kPa(b-lood pressure)40-160times/min(pulse rate)
Accuracy: +-3mmHg/+-0.4kpa(b-lood presssure), +-5%(pulse rate)
Result display: high pressure/low pressure/ pulse 
Unit conversion: conversion of b-lood pressure value unit mmHg/KPa(default unit when start is mmHg)
Number of memory groups: Double 99 memory groups
Overpressure protective function: automatically releases air when air pressure exceeds 298mmHg(20MS)
Automatic shutdown function: automatically shut down in one minute when there is no operation
Package Weight: 221g / 7.8oz
Package Size: 120*85*85mm / 4.7*in

Packing List:
1 * Sphygmomanometer 

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.