TwoTrees 5.5W Laser Engraver CNC Laser Engraving Cutting Machine


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Stable Operation: There is no gap between the pulley and the track at 90 ° and it is matched with the layout of triangular pulley, so that the machine runs smoothly without shaking and has good stability.
Adjustable Laser Head: Using high-quality laser head, support continuous software adjustable, control the laser intensity, realize multi-purpose. 0.01mm high precision engraving, can easily print all images.
High Quality: Aluminum alloy and acrylic body, fine workmanship, durable and wear-resistant, long service life. Environmental originally mounted components, stable quality.
Flexible Use: Open structure motherboard with pins reserved for self-development and matching. Replaceable laser module, can install other modules to get different laser power.
Wide Application: 5500mW high intensity laser, widely used in various materials, such as wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horn, leather, sponge paper, etc. It comes with a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from laser injury.
Easy to Use: Easy to assemble and use. Just connect it to the computer, you can use your own creativity to print any pattern you like, compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10.

Model: Laser Engraving
Material: Aluminum Profile
Control Board: MKS DLC
Motor Driver: A4988
Laser Wavelength: 450nm±5nm
Laser Power: 5500mW
Laser Input: 20W (12V 2A)
Input Power: AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Output Power: DC 12V, 5A
Accuracy: 0.01mm
Engraving Speed: 8000mm/min
Carving Method: USB Online
Interface: USB
File Format: nc/ .dxf/ .bmp/ .jpg/ .png, etc.
Engraving Mode: Image Engraving, Text Engraving, Scanning Engraving, Outling Engraving, Pixel Engraving, etc.
Support Software: Benbox/ GRBL
Support Language: Chinese, English, Italian, French, Russian
Support System: Windows XP/7/8/10
Continuous Working Time: ≤3 hours
Support Material: Wood, Plastic, Paper, Bamboo, Ox Horn, Leather, Sponge Paper, etc.
Engraving Size: 40 * 30cm/ 15.7 * 11.8in
Machine Size: 48 * 44 * 18cm/ 18.9 * 17.3 * 7.1in
Machine Weight: 2.8kg/ 6.2lb
Package Size: 52 * 25 * 8cm/ 20.5 * 9.8 * 3.1in
Package Weight: 3.2kg/ 7.1lb

1. The laser engraving machine cannot directly act on any specular object. This can cause injury to the operator or burn the laser.
2. The product has a high engraving speed and is not recommended for industrial cutting. And the laser head is a consumable.
3. It is not recommended to look directly at the laser head when the machine is working. Also do not operate the laser head directly with your hands. Please wear goggles. To ensure personal safety, fireproof and away from the children's environment.
4. Because long time laser work will cause light source attenuation, please try to avoid long time work. Turn off the power when not use.

Packing List:
1 * Laser Engraver Kits(Includes Goggles, 256MB TF Card and Card Reader)

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.