SNDWAY SW-825 HD LED Digital Display Air Quality Analyzer Mini USB Rechargeable PM2.5 Detector Tester Gas Monitor Temperature humidity Meter


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We all know that air is an indispensable part of our lives. The quality of air is affecting our body and mind, but the air is colorless and tasteless,we can't measure it with the eyes. At this time, we need an air tester to help us monitor the air quality.
Compact and portable, easy to use and carry.
USB rechargeable design, which has fast charging speed and long service life.
Built in 580mAh lithium battery, quick charge in 30 minutes, fully charged use more than 4.5 hours.
When the instrument exceeds the alarm set value, the instrument will flash and display red data, and the alarm value can be set.
High precision laser sensor, accurate and sensitive, fast response.
Real-time monitoring, automatic shutdown, can measure PM2.5, temperature and humidity.
Suitable for vehicle, office, outings, home use, etc.
Material: ABS
Color: White+Black
Test items: PM2.5, temperature, humidity
PM2.5 measuring range: 0~500μg/m³
Single response time: <1s
PM2.5 composite response time: ≤10s
PM2.5 resolution rate: 1μg/m³
Counting efficiency of particulate matter: 50%@0.3μm, 98%@≥0.5μm
Mass concentration consistency of particulate matter: ±10%@100~500μg/m³, ±10μg/m³@0~100μg/m³
Temperature measuring range: -10~50℃
Temperature accuracy: ±1.0℃
Humidity measuring range: 0%~99%RH
Humidity accuracy: ±10%RH
PM2.5 sensor: PLANTOWER laser particulate matter sensor
Working time of full of electricity: >4.5 hours
Auto power off: 30 minutes (It cannot be powered off automatically while charging.)
Charging mode: DV 5V 500mA Micro USB
Battery: 1 * built-in lithium battery, 580mAh (included)
Working temperature: -10.0℃-50.0℃, 0%-99%RH
Item size: 60 * 60 * 26mm/2.4 * 2.4 * 1.0in
Item weight: 86g
Package size: 9.8*9.8*5cm/3.85*3.85*1.96in
Package weight: 180g
1. When the detected result over the setting value, the result will blink in red to alarm.
2. Item color may show sight aberration due to different shooting light and monitor display.
Packing list:
1* PM2.5 Detector
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.