Original Mode 1 Orange RadioLink AT10 2.4G 10CH Remote Control System Transmitter w/ R10D Receiver & PRM-01 Voltage Return Module


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One of the faster remote control as so far. Most completed function and model type integration frequnency 2.4GHz, response time 3ms. Mode 1(right hand throttle)is comfortable for some special players. Just come and get it!


Multiple function remote control system, including helicopter, airplane and slider three type flying machine and five models, cover almost every popular model, you can fly any model by this radio.

3.5 inch colorful screen 320×480 resolution, clear display menu and graphs.

Great control distance: 1.1km on the ground, 2km in the sky.

Expansion feedback module, users can get plane details in real time.

Make very setting clear and exactly output result.

Fast response time only 3ms to the operation, faster then the other transmitter 20ms, even ten channels also let you feel it.

High channel resolution reaches 4096, 0.25us per resolution let all the servos keep tranquil.

Strong anti-jumping, DSSS(Direct sequence spread spectrum) technology.

Unbelievable price, high quality as supper bland, and more exactly, faster response, higher resolution, one and the only one anti-jumping DSSS technology, really worthy to have it.

Technical Parameter:

Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz~2485MHz)

Modulation mode: QSPK

Channel bandwidth: 5.0MHz

Spread spectrum: DSSS

Adjacent channel rejection: >38dBM

Transmitter power: <100mW(PCB testing);<20dBm(3 meter air testing)

Operating Voltage: 8.6~15V

Operating Current: <95mA

Control distance: 800 meters ground

Channel: 10 Channel, 8~10 channel are customizable

Compatible model: Include all 120 degree and 90 degree swashplate helicopter, all fix wing and glider, five flying model

Simulator model: under the simulator


Package size: 33 * 26 * 12cm / 13 * 10.2 * 4.7in

Package weight: 1067g / 2.4lb

Note: Transmitter is Mode 1 (Right Hand Throttle)

Package list:

1 * Orange RadioLink AT10 10CH Transimitter (Mode 1)

1 * R10D 10Ch Receiver

1 * PRM-01 Voltage Return Module

1 * 4Pin Connector

1 * CD-ROM

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.