Non-contact IR Infrared Thermometer Hand-held Digital LCD Forehead Temperature Measurement


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This infrared forehead thermometer is a high-quality product. It uses infrared technology. Each time it is turned on, it will enter a self-test to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. This infrared forehead thermometer is mainly used to measure the temperature of the human forehead. This product can accurately and stably perform temperature measurement.

Non-contact infrared measurement with accurate probe, exquisite technology, and accurate measurement.
Lightweight and portable, convenient to carry.
Two temperature units for conversion: Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Strong adaptability to ambient temperature. LCD large screen, easy to read.
Only need to point the probe head to the forehead and press the measurement button, and the body temperature can be measured quickly and accurately in one second.
This product is widely used in schools, customs, hospitals, homes, etc.
Consists of housing, infrared temperature sensor, signal receiving processor, buttons, COB board, buzzer and LCD display.
This product provides five function settings such as temperature unit, tone switch, temperature alarm point, temperature offset, and test mode.

Display range: 32℃~43℃
Temperature resolution: 0.1℃/°F
Measuring distance: 1cm~2CM
Memory array: 32 groups
Clinical repeatability: ±0.3℃
Measuring error: ±0.2℃
Operating environment: Temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃  Relative humidity: ≦ 85%
Transportation and storage environment: Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃  Relative humidity: ≦ 85%
Automatic standby time: 20 seconds
Power supply: DC.3V(Two AAA batteries)(not include)
Item size: 160 * 100 * 40mm / 6.5 * 4.2 * 1.9in
Item weight: 123g
Package size: 16*10*4cm
Package weight: 156g

Warning and informative instructions:
1. Make sure to remove the hair and sweat from the forehead before measuring.
2. Never put this product into water or other liquids. For cleaning, wipe with a damp soft cloth.
3. Please contact the distributor if there is a problem with the product, do not try to repair it by yourself.
4. The protective glass outside the LCD frame is very important, and it is also the fragile part of the meter. Please use it with care.
5. Please do not charge the non-rechargeable battery and do not throw the battery into a fire.
6. Please do not expose this product to the sun.

Packing List:
1 x Thermometer
1 x User Manual


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.