Mini Electric Power Cordless Precision Screwdriver Rechargeable Portable DC3.6V Lightweight Dual Power Electrical Screw Driver for Computer Mobile Phone Camera Repairing


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This mini electric screwdriver can be a great helper for your daily repairing projects. Electric and manual operation design, ensuring high working efficiency. It will make you life easier. USB port charging design, providing the power timely. Grinding arenaceous feeling aluminum alloy housing body with pen shape design, very easy to grip and use.

Both automatic and manual operation are allowed, ensure high working efficiency.
Perfect for handling tiny screws in tight spaces and demolition of all kinds of screws.
Built-in lion battery driving can work 2 hours continuously with USB charging line for convenient use.
The motor adopts positive and negative rotation with a driving speed up to 165RPM load-free, enough for electronics devices repairing.
A quick-change chuck makes it easier to change bits on this power screwdriver.
Great tool for on-the-go technicians, suitable for repairing computer, mobile phone, electronics, industrial applications, etc.

Type: Mini Electric Screwdriver
Color: Gold / Rose Gold / Black (Optional)
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Speed: 165r/min(unadjustable)
Rated Torque: 0.3Nm., Manual 3.0 Nm.
Screwdriver Bits Size: 4*28mm Hexagon (1/8")
Working Time: 2hour
Charging Time: 60min
Battery: 1 * Rechargeable 14500 3.7V 800mAh Lion Battery (Built-in)
Electric Screwdriver Handle Size: 165 * 18mm / 6.5 * 0.7in
Electric Screwdriver Weight: 76g / 2.7oz
Package Size: 17 * 4 * 4cm / 6.7 * 1.6 * 1.6in
Package Weight: 126g / 4.5oz

1. Please keep the product out of reach of infants.
2. Don't aim the bit directly to the human body.
3. Don't put this precision screwdriver into water or fire.

Package List:
1 * Electric Screwdriver Handle
1 * Screwdriver Bits
1 * Demagnetizer & Magnetizer
1 * USB Charging Line

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.