LTP333 610W Intelligent Stainless Steel Household Kitchen Commercial Oil Press Machine


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Do you want to try oil press by yourself? Are you still worried about the quality of the cooking oil you buy outside? Come and try this oil press machine. With this machine, you can also easily squeeze oil in your own home. This machine can effectively extract fat and retain the rich nutrients in the food. Come try it, it will not let you down.

An upgraded version with a display screen and digital temperature adjustment function, the temperature can be adjusted between 0~300℃. The appropriate pressing temperature can be set according to different r-aw materials to increase the oil yield.
The two methods of hot and cold pressing can effectively extract organic oils, remove the hard shells of nuts, while maintaining the rich nutrients in the food, and the oil extracted by yourself can be eaten more at ease.
The body and the press rod is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to be damaged and deformed, and it can be used for a longer time without frequent replacement.
The heat-conducting r-ing is made of pure copper, which can realize quicj and even heat conduction, and can realize frying-free squeezing.
38mm large-capacity feeding port, peanut can be used directly without manual processing.
The motor is brushless design, which can continuously squeeze and has high efficiency.
Multi-purpose: suitable for sunflower seeds, soybeans, flax seeds, peanut, pum-pkin seeds, nuts, walnut kernels, sesame seeds, castor beans.

Material: stainless steel
Plug: EUplug
Model: LTP333
Rated power: 610W
Press efficiency: 3~5KG
Voltage: 220V
Feed port diameter: 38mm / 1.5in
Item size: 420 * 320 * 160mm / 16.5 * 12.6 * 6.3in
Package size: 450 * 350 * 230mm / 17.7 * 13.8 * 9.1in
Package weight: 10KG / 22.0lb

Packing list:
1 * Oil Press Machine Set
1 * Glove
1 * Brush
1 * Cup
1 * Sieve
1 * Slag Guide P-ipe

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.