KKMOON 32A Double-throw 3-Pole Disconnect Knife Switch Circuit Breaker Backup Generator for Industrial Household Use


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Practical double throw 3-pole knife switch which is safe and reliable to use. It is suitable for the industrial enterprises or home appliances.

Double throw knife switch, safe and reliable.
With compact size, light weight and great performance.
Adopt high quality and thick copper parts, much durable and safe to use.
Special design makes it possible to install and wire without removing the cover.
Suitable for the industrial enterprises and home appliances to convert between power system and self generator circuit(not suitable for making and breaking motor).

It is only suitable for the following working condition:
Altitudes not above 2000m.
Ambient medium temperature less than 60°C.
Air relative humidity less than 85%.
Installation environment without explosion danger, without gas and dust which can corrode metal and damage the insulation.

Rated Working Current: 32A / 63A / 100A / 160A / 225A(optional)
Material: ABS + Copper
Color: Orange + Green
Rated Working Voltage: AC380V; DC 220V/440V
Make & Break Capacity:
32A: AC380V(COSφ0.72-0.82): 32A; DC220V(T0.01-0.001s): 32A DC440V(T0.01-0.001s): 16A
63A: AC380V(COSφ0.72-0.82): 63A; DC220V(T0.01-0.001s): 63A DC440V(T0.01-0.001s): 32A
100A: AC380V(COSφ0.72-0.82): 100A; DC220V(T0.01-0.001s): 100A DC440V(T0.01-0.001s): 50A
160A: AC380V(COSφ0.72-0.82): 160A; DC220V(T0.01-0.001s): 160A DC440V(T0.01-0.001s): 63A
225A: AC380V(COSφ0.72-0.82): 225A; DC220V(T0.01-0.001s): 225A DC440V(T0.01-0.001s): 113A
Service Life(AC 380V and 60% rated current): 3000times(32A/63A); 2000times(100A); 1000times(160A/225A)
Item Weight: 364g / 12.83oz
Package Size: 16 * 12.5 * 10.5cm / 6.30 * 4.92 * 4.13in
Package Weight: 393g / 13.86oz
Item Weight: 601g / 21.23oz
Package Size: 20 * 17 * 12cm / 7.87 * 6.69 * 4.72in
Package Weight: 641g / 22.61oz
Item Weight: 955g / 33.7oz
Package Size: 21 * 15 * 12cm / 8.27 * 5.91 * 4.72in
Package Weight: 989g / 34.88oz
Item Weight: 1344g / 47.41oz
Package Size: 24.5 * 16.5 * 14cm / 9.65 * 6.50 * 5.51in
Package Weight: 1411g / 49.78oz
Item Weight: 1912g / 67.45oz
Package Size: 27 * 18.5 * 16cm / 10.63 * 7.28 * 6.30in
Package Weight: 1987g / 70.09oz

Package List:
1 * Knife Switch
1 * Wrench(Only for 160A/225A)

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.