KKmoon 2-in-1 Salinometer Pen Type Waterproof Salinity & Temperature Meter High Precision Portable Water Quality Analysis Tool 0~199.9ppt Salinograph Range 0~50℃ Temperature Meter ℃/℉ Conversion


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The salinity meter is used for fast measuring liquid salinity values and display the temperature of the liquid to be tested simultaneously. Which widely used in salt manufacturing, food, beverage and other industrial and agricultural production and scientific research.

2-in-1 Practical Salinometer: it can test the salinity and temperature of the liquid or solution easily and rapidly.
Digital Meter: 1.2-inch LCD screen dual display the salinity and temperature clearly, and temperature unit is switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Salinity Measuring: 0~199.9ppt measurement range, 0.1ppt resolution, and ±2%F.S accuracy.
Temperature Measuring: 0~50℃ measurement range, 0.1℃ resolution, and ±1℃ accuracy, ℃/℉ unit conversion.
Stable & High Precision: it is composed of sensor, measuring circuit and data processing device and has automatic temperature compensation(ATC) function to ensure the accuracy of the tested results.
Applications: apply in the aquaponics, greenhouse, hydroponics, floriculture, container grown plants, agriculture, industry, aquaculture, pools.

Measure Range: 0~199.9ppt
Resolution: 0.1ppt
Accuracy: ±2%F.S

Measure Range: 0~50℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Accuracy: ±1℃

Material: ABS
Operating Temperature: 0~50℃
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0~50℃
Power Supply: 4 * 1.5V LR44 AG13 button battery (NOT included)
Item Size: 188 * 39mm / 7.40 * 1.54in
Item Weight: 76g / 2.68oz
Package Weight: 115g / 4.07oz
Package Size: 20 * 7 * 4.5cm / 7.87 * 2.76 * 1.77in

Packing List:
1 * Salinity Meter
1 * Mini Screwdriver
1 * Manual (English)

1.Remove the protective cap.
2.Turn the meter on by pressing the ON key.
3.Immerse the electrode in the solution to be tested.
4.Stir gently and wait for the reading to stabilize.
5.Press the ℃/℉ to choose the measuring unit.
6.After use, turn the meter off. Rinse the electrode with distilled water to minimize contamination.
7. Put on the protective cap after use.

1.Immerse the electrode into the distilled water and activate it about 5 minutes.
2.Immerse the electrode in the calibration solution(35ppt at 25℃), gently shake it and wait for a stable display. Regulate the trimmer with the screwdriver provided until display shows "35" at buffer solution temperature of 25℃.
3.Rinse the electrode with distilled water, and dry it with filter paper.

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.