KKmoon 12Pcs DC1500V Photovoltaic Fuse 10×85 Fuse Holder Fuse Box for Protection of Solar Photovoltaic System Base + 2A Fuse


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[Fine Workmanship] Avoid surface corrosion, core replacement difficulties and security risks due to too wide or too narrow gap. The smooth shell can avoid static electricity or accidental injury.
[Universal Casing] Made of brand-new PBT material, with RTI value of 110-130, ensuring long service life of the product in various harsh environments. Fit to 10*85mm fuse, which can be replaced the fuse from 2Amp to 32Amp (Optional).
[0.8MM Thickened Electrode] Made of T2 red copper, featuring larger current carrying area, better strength & elasticity, to achieve better conductivity with the copper content of 99.9% and the conductivity of 101.5% IACS.
[Durable Spring] The Φ1.5mm double U-shaped non-coating spring is made of 304 stainless steel, featuring better corrosion resistance and longer service life.
[Screw Feature] The screw with large pan head can be compatible with various sizes of screw driver heads. The larger contact area of the cutter head can avoid slipping.
[Terminal Thread & Strength] Double longer and thicker layer threads ensure the service life of the product; compact and firm design, better stability; special heat treatment process ensures that the product will not become brittle and crack.
[Electrodeposited Layer of Wire Pressing Piece] Nickel plated surface, stronger adhesion & better corrosion resistance.
[Current Carrying Area of Electrode] Large area, not easy to produce high temperature, ensuring the service life of the product.
[Contact Area and Stability between Electrode and Molten Core] The contact area is larger, the guiding distance is longer, the performance is more stable, so that the product is not easy to deform.
[Main Purpose] Suitable for short-circuit and overload protection in circuits with rated voltage up to DC1500V, rated current of 2A-32A and rated analysis capacity up to 33kA, especially in the junction box of solar photovoltaic system.

Quantity: 12Pcs
Material: T2 Red Copper + 304 Stainless Steel + PBT
Color: White
Rated Voltage: DC 1500V
Rated Current: 2A / 4A / 6A / 10A / 12A / 15A / 16A / 20A / 25A / 32A (Optional)
Ambient Temperature: -25℃~+60℃
Installation Torque: 2.5N.m
Applicable Conducting Wire: 0.8mm2~10mm2
Item Size: Approx. 127*66*22mm / 5*2.6*0.87in
Item Weight: Approx. 122g / 4.3oz
Package Size: Approx. 15*8.5*28cm / 5.91*3.35*11.02in
Package Weight: Approx. 1494g / 52.7oz

Packing List:
12 * Fuse Holder
12 * Fuse

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.