JUNTEK DPM8624-485RF 2.4 Inch LCD Display Screen 60V 24A Remote Control Voltmeter


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DPM8624-485RF is a programmable direct current power supply. Its voltage setting is 0-60V, current 0-24A is continuously adjustable. The product is easy to operate and stable when used. More importantly, the conversion efficiency is also high, so it is widely used in laboratories, factory testing, power supply and maintenance of electronic equipment. Come on and try it, it will not let you down.

There are three ways to control the power su-pply: First is the button on the power panel can adjust the voltage and current, second is the computer software communication can regulates the voltage and current and the third is through the remote control controls the power su-pply wirelessly.  
The remote control has an effective control distance of 0-10 meters. A remote controller can control 30 * 99 power supplies by changing the communication channel and address.
Free PC software and communication protocol, the communication protocol is divided into "SIMPLE" and "MODBUS", which can be set in the power menu.
The power su-pply is based on the BU-CK architecture, and it can still work stably with the operating frequency up to 150KHz and the minimum 0.5V voltage difference.
Input direct current voltage 10-75V, the power su-pply can be powered by AC-direct current switching power su-pply ,solar panels, wind turbines or battery-powered equipment.
The maximum and minimum voltage and current can be set to protect the load from damage due to over-voltage.
Equipped with a temperature-controlled fan, intelligently adjusts the fan speed, and automatically cuts off the output after over-temperature and the voltage regulation response is very fast.
The parameters are automatically saved when the power is turned off, and there are 10 groups of storage locations (M0~M9), which can be saved and recalled at any time.

Material: plastics+PCB
Input voltage: 10-75V
Output voltage: 0-60V
Output current: 0-24A
Wireless transmission: RF transmission
Communication Interface: 485 communication interface
Output power: 0-1440W
Voltage resolution: 10mV
Current resolution: 10mA
Power effect: C-V< (0.5% + 10mV), C-C < (1% + 5mA)
Loading effect: C-V < (0.5% + 10mV), C-C < (1% + 5mA)
Output ripple: 50mVpp (Input 40V, output 12V, 7A)
Typical efficiency: 92% (Input 40V, output 30V, 7A)
Display accuracy: 10mV, 10mA
Output tolerance: voltage:±2‰+1digit, current:±5‰+2digit
Response time: <50ms
Wireless distance: 10 meters (accessible)
Wireless frequency: 2.4G
Communication channel: 01-30
Communication address: 00-99
Display method: 2.4 inch LCD screen
Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 2000mA (included)
Store operation: 10 groups of parameter storage for M0-M9
Protection type: PT (over temperature protection)
Application ambient temperature: on board radiator, fan cooling
Use environment: Interior design, maximum humidity 80%
Remote control size: 120 * 80 * 37mm / 4.7 * 3.1 * 1.5in
Remote control weight:140g / 4.9ounce
Power su-pply size: 180 * 150 * 77mm / 7.1 * 5.9 * 3.0in
Power su-pply weight: 490g / 1.1lb
Package size: 210 * 150 * 75mm / 8.3 * 5.9 * 3.0in
Package weight: 800g / 1.8lb

Packing list:
1 * Remote Control
1 * Power Su-pply
1 * Remote Control Recharing Cable
1 * USB To 485 Communication Line

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.