Hti LCD Mini Digital Manometer Differential Gauge Air Pressure Meter ±2Psi Data Hold 11 Units


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The meter can measure the differential pressure conveniently. It features 11 selectable units of measure: inH2O, psi, bar, mbar, Kpa, InHg, mmHg, ozin2, FtH2O, cmH2O, kgcm2. It's used for testing ventilation and air conditioning system, spot check, clean room, or any gas pressure system troubleshooting.

Wide Measurement Range: 0.5s response time, ±13.79 kPa / ±2 psi / ±55.4 H2O measuring ranges with high accuracy.
11 Selectable Units for Measurement: including InH2O, Psi, Mbar, kPa, inHg, mmHg, Ozin2, ftH2O, cmH2O, Kgcm2, and Bar, convenient for use.
Clear Digital Display: large LCD backlight display, providing clear reading.
Data Hold: for easy checking the data and writing it down.
User-friendly Indicator: low battery indicator, pressure unit indicator, and Error codes for out of range indication.
Other Functions: Max./Min./Avg values, and with a relative time clock, automatically shutdown, zero adjustment, offset and DIF function
Display: LCD Backlight
InH2O Range: ±55.40; Resolution: 0.01
Psi Range: ±2.000; Resolution: 0.001
Mbar Range: ±137.8; Resolution: 0.1
Kpa Range: ±13.79; Resolution: 0.01
InHg Range: ±4.07; Resolution: 0.001
MmHg Range: ±103.4; Resolution: 0.1
Ozin2 Range: ±32; Resolution: 0.01
FtH2O Range: ±4.612; Resolution: 0.001
CmH2O Range: ±140.6; Resolution: 0.1
Kgcm2 Range: ±0.140; Resolution: 0.001
Bar Range: ±0.137; Resolution: 0.001
Accuracy: ±0.3%FSO(25°C)
Repeatability: ±0.2%(Max. +/-0.5%FSO)
Linearity/Hysteresis: ±0.29%FSO
Max. Pressure: 10Psi
Response Time: 0.5s Typical
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
Over Range Indicator: Err. 1
Under Range Indicator: Err. 2
Operating Condition: 0-50°C / 32-122°F
Storage Condition: -10-60°C / 14-140°F
Power Supply: 1 * 9V battery (NOT included)
Item Size: 170 * 55 * 33mm / 6.69 * 2.16 * 1.30in
Item Weight: 127g / 4.51oz
Package Weight: 229g / 8.07oz
Package Size: 25.5 * 14 * 6.5cm / 10.04 * 5.51 * 2.56in

Packing List:
1 * Digital Manometer
1 * Leather Pouch
2 * Flexible Tube
1 * Metal Accessory
1 * User Manual (English)

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.