Home Burglar Security Alarm System


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​Note: Do not mount the unit in direct sunlight or near heat sources.

This product is a wired dual passive infrared and microwave detector, exquisite design, easy installation. Fit for the locations of the balcony, window, door, corridors, outdoor, etc. Imported high-end infrared sensor, SMT chip technology, anti-EMI & anti-RFI design, temperature compensation, etc., can be integrated with wired alarm host.

*A new generation of professional movement spread spectrum analyzing PIR & MW detectors.
*Dual element PYRO sensor and hard lens for outstanding detection performance and elimination of false alarms.
*With anti-pet recognition technology, is under 10kg pet immune, prevent false alarm when pet passing. 
*Microwave detection based on Doppler concept.
*Unique microwave motion sensor module.
*Height installation calibrations free.
*2-way Microwave sensitivity adjustment.
*2-way PIR sensitivity adjustment.
*BI directional temperature compensation.
*Environmental immunity.
*Colored lights design.

Working Voltage: 9V-16V  
Standby Current: 25mA
Working Current: 35mA
Wide Detector Angle: 90° (9mX9m) 
Detection Distance: 9m (no barrier, 25℃) 
Detection Method: Dual Passive Infrared Microwave Detector 
Microwave frequency: 2.45GHZ
Anti-white light interference: 8000LUX
Anti-RFI interference: 30V/M (10MHZ-1000MHZ)
Anti-EMI interference: 50000V
Alarm Output: N.C. 30Vdc, 0.1A
Anti-tamper Switch: N.C. 24Vdc, 0.05A
Detection Speed: 0.2-3.5m/s
Installation Way: Wall/Ceiling Hanging
Installation Height: 2m-4m Adjustable
Casing Material: ABS 
Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C        
Operating Humidity: 5%-95%RH, Non-condensing
Item Size: Approx. 11.1 * 11.1 * 3.5cm
Item Weight: Approx. 103g / 3.6oz  
Package Size: Approach. 11.5*11.5*4.7cm/ 4.5*4.5*1.9in 
Package Weight: Approach. 130g / 4.6oz   

Package List:
1 * Wired PIR sensor
1 * User Manual(English)

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.