GSM/DCS 900/1800MHz 2G/4G Dual Band Dual LCD Display Mobile Phone Signal Booster Cell Phone Signal Repeater Signal Amplifier Set


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The device is featured by easy installation and operation and no interference. It is the perfect device for boosting mobile phone signal. A mobile phone repeater could also improve indoor electromagnetism environments, protract cellular battery life and reduce radiation of cellphones.

Dual band dual LCD display function to display signal reception.
Suitable for blind spot signal amplification in various indoor places such as conference halls, hotels, and large buildings.
Expand the coverage area of the base station signal.
Improve the coverage of sending and receiving mobile phone signals.
Reduce the radiation of the mobile phone to the human body.
Extend the time and life of the mobile phone battery.
Easy to install, environmentally friendly, small size, flexible configuration according to specific application occasions.
Full-duplex work, high isolation between uplink and downlink, will not interfere with each other.
With advanced digital filtering technology, out-of-band rejection is particularly fine.
The outdoor overflow signal is small and does not interfere with the base station receiving sensitivity.
The call process is smooth, not stuck, not interrupted, improving work efficiency.
Applicable to all areas with poor indoor signal and no signal, such as high-rise buildings, elevators, office buildings, basements, KTV, yachts, urban villages, tunnels, remote mountainous areas, etc.

Material: metal
Color: black+white
Frequency range:
Uplink: 890~915/1710~1785MHz
Downlink: 935~960/1805~1880MHz
Working system: GSM900+DCS1800
Gain: 65dB
Output power: 17dBm
Bandwidth: wide band
Ripple in band: ≤5dB
Noise figure @ Max. gain: ≤7dB
V.S.W.R: ≤3dB
MTBF: >50000 hours
Power supply: DC 5V 1A
Power consumption: <36W
Impedance matching: 50ohm
RF connector: N Female
Cooling: heatsink convection cooling
Installation type: wall installation
Environment conditions: IP40
Humidity: <90%
Operating temperature: -10℃~55℃
Package size: 480 * 200 * 155mm / 18.9 * 7.9 * 6.1in
Package weight: 2300g / 5.1lb

Please confirm the local frequency band when purchasing.

Package list:
1 * Dual Band Booster
1 * Indoor Antenna with 3.0 Meters Cable
1 * Outdoor Antenna
1 * Power Adapter
1 * 10 Meters Cable

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.