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Global Version XGIMI MOGO Pro Projector 3D 1080P 4K DLP TV Portable Projector LED Beamer Android 9.0 For Home Cinema With Battery BT Google Assistant
Please note it,this item comes from Xiaomi Ecochain Cooperation, so there is no any Xiaomi marks on it, thanks.

Award-winning portable projector by XGIMI.
Use the power of true 1080p cinematic projection, Android TV system, Harman Kardon sound system, and the cutting edge TV-grade Chipset, created for all your film and music entertainment on the go.

– True 1080p cinematic projection with 100+ inches display, 3D imaging technology.
Smart keystone correction, up adjust the project screen to 40+ degree both vertically and horizontally.  
– Instant
10000+ points autofocus function
Highest ANSI Lumen pocket projector, deliver cinematic images with stunning clarity.
– Official
Android TV system with 4000+ apps
– Premium sound by Harman-Kardon, offering fantastic sound quality with its advanced dual 3 Watt speaker units.
– Mirroring from your phone via Chromecast
– Built-in
Google Assistant
30,000 hours LED lifespan

The main difference between MOGO and MOGO PRO
        MOGO: 540P/ 210 Ansi Lumens
MOGO PRO: 1080P/ 250 Ansi Lumens

Product: XGIMI MOGO Pro Projector
Model: B08145121K
Display type: DLP
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Resolution Support: 1080P, 4K x 2K
Brightness: 250 ANSI Lumen power
Display Chip: 0.23" DMD
Projection Ratio: 1.2:1
Keystone Correction: Vertical/ Horizontal 40+ degree
Off-axis: 100%
Projection Methord: Forward, Backward, Hang Ceiling
GPU: Mali-G31
RAM & ROM: 2GB + 16GB
Syatem: Android 9.0
Mirroring Display: Chromecast
Consumption: 3WX2
Ports: 1*DC, 1*HDM Interface, 1*USB2.0, 1X Headphone
Wifi: Dual Band 2.4/5.0GHz
BT Version: BT 4.2/BT5.0
Noise (dB): 33dB and Less
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Features: HD,Home Theater
Function: 3D,BT,External Subtitle,Speaker
Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Battery: 10400mAh
Power Dispation: 55W
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Compatible with: Sony PS4,Xbox
Lamp Life: 30000H
DVB-T Supported: No
External Subtitle Supported: Yes
3D: Yes
Tripod Height: Without
Battery Type: BT Remote Powered by Li-ion Battery ( Built-in )
Size: Approx. 146*105*94.5mm
Weight: Approx. 0.9kg
Package weight: 2.1305 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 24.40 x 16.60 x 16.60 cm / 9.61 x 6.54 x 6.54 inches

Package content:
4 * Power plugs ( EU/UK/US/AU Plug)
1 * Power Cable
1 * BT Remote-control
1 * Multi-language Manual

How to connect your mac to a projector?
1.Turn on your Mac.
2.Plug in the projector to an electrical wall outlet socket and turn it ON.
3.Connect the video cable (usually VGA or HDMI) of the projector to the Mac.
4.Once the Mac and projector are connected, click on the Apple Menu in the top left corner of your screen.
5.Select the Displays icon.

Why there is no sound coming from projector?
Make sure that the audio hasn't accidentally been muted by pressing the mute button, and if that doesn't solve the problem then try turning up the volume. This problem can also possibly be solved by checking your audio input connection and adjusting your audio source.

The image being displayed by my projector is out of focus, how to solve it?
Turn the projection lens until the image comes into focus and ensure that the projection screen is at least 1.2 meters from the projector. If these two steps don't work then check your projection lens to see if it needs cleaning.

Only the projector's start-up screen is displayed, what can i do?
Check that all your cables are connected correctly and verify that the proper input source is set on your projector. Once you've done this, you may need to turn off everything and power up your equipment in the following order: projector, computer monitor, computer.

The projected image is too bright, how to fix it?
You can run the projector lamp in "eco" mode. This mode is available in the projector settings and will run the lamp at a reduced brightness, this also extends the lifespan of the lamp.

Why the projected image is dim?
Ensure there are no bright sources of light shining onto the Activboard. Projector lamps degrade over time, and may gradually dim. The lamp may be due for replacement.

Why the projected image appears to be a distorted shape?
Press the keystone button on your remote control and use the arrow keys to reshape the image.

Why the projector isn't displaying the entire computer screen?
Ensure the computer is running in a suitable resolution for the projector.

The projected image is too big or too small, how to fix it?
Fixed distance projectors can only resize the image by moving the projector forward or backwards on the projector mounting.

The projector displays the message "No Signal', what is the problem?
1. Check that the computer video cable is connected to both the computer and the projector, or any other video termination points along the cable path.
2. Ensure the computer is in mirror / clone display mode.
3. Press the "Computer" or "Input" button on the projector remote control to toggle to the correct input mode.
4. Try another computer.

Why the image appears to be tinged yellow or purple, or appears "blotchy"?
Try using another computer video cable, the projector may need cleaning.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.