Geological Hammer Professional Shock Reduction Rock Pick Exploration Outdoor Tool


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The geological hammer is designed for durable and reduces impact vibration, practical for rock exploration. Anti-slip handle for comfortable grip and control.

The tail of handle can make rope through the hole.
Made of high-quality carbon steel, sturdy, long-lasting striking tools.
Ergonomically designed anti-shock and anti-slip soft rubber grip for more comfort and control during use.
An essential tool for camper, hunter, prospector, geologist, archaeologist, paleontologist.
Perfect for breaking and chipping brick, concrete, stone and rock in masonry construction, prospecting, mining and geologizing.

Material: Carbon steel
Type: Pointed Head, Flat Head (optional)
Item Size:
   Pointed Head: 295 * 175 * 25mm / 11.61 * 6.89 * 0.98in 
   Flat Head: 295 * 170 * 25mm / 11.61 * 6.69 * 0.98in 
Package Weight: 885g / 31.22ounces
Package Size: 295 * 175 * 25mm / 11.61 * 6.89 * 0.98in 

Geological hammer application range:
The geological hammer must be a geological hammer used in the working area of the sedimentary rock, that is, a pointed tip with a duckbill and a flat head that is not blunt at the other end.
The collection of fossils depends on the type of surrounding rock of the fossil. If it is in the rock formation such as shale or bauxite, the first step is to use the big head of the geological hammer to tap, and the force should not be too strong. The violent return caused the rock to be severely broken. If the layered seam of the surrounding rock is loose, if it is allowed (a larger layer can be used), it can be pulled down with a pointed tip.

Precautions for use:
Geological hammer is a special tool for geology examination, not a general tool hammer. It can not be used for general daily applications such as nails.
The geological hammer can initially measure the hardness of the rock and judge the hardness of the rock according to the reaction of knocking the rock.

Package List:
1 * Geological Hammer

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.