FX-AUDIO TUBE-03MKII BT Tube Preamplifier Headphone Pre Amplifier BT Receiver HiFi BT 5.0 Tube AUX Bass Treble Adjustment


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When output signal of some audio sources is insufficient, or the input sensitivity of the active speaker or power amplifier is too low, the entire audio system can not give full play. This preamplifier can filter out the digital sound of common audio sources and make music more soft and sweet. With op amp + tube buffer design, the music taste is more rich.

As BT 5.0 Audio Receiver: The preamp has BT 5.0 audio receiving function. BT chip QCC3008 supports APTX and has low latency. Wireless connection is available within 10 meters.
As BT Tube Headphone Amplifier: 3.5mm headphone amplifier interface is compatible with ordinary 3.5mm headset. Components uses JRC4556 high power output chip and buffer headphone amp circuit. Headphone Power Output: 30mW@16R, 50mW@32R, 70mW@68R, 70mW@150R.
With DAC Function (ESS9023 DAC Chip): Built-in ESS9023 decoding chip, supports 24Bit sample rate, which integrates a 2Vrms output driver op amp, and has low power consumption.
6K4 Tubes: 6K4 tubes can be replaced by 6J1, 6J4, 6AK5 tubes for different listening experience. OP amp 0PA1656IDR can also be replaced by AD827 or MUSE02.
Low Noise Design: Power supply circuit is separated from other components. With shielded function, interference and noise will be minimized and sound quality will greatly improved.
LED Indicator: The LED indicator in front panel show the input. Red LED for RCA input, and blue for BT input. Short press SELECT button can change the signal input. Signal switching uses relay switch which is better than analog power switch.
Chipset: QCC3008+ESS9023+GE5654+OPA1656IDR +JRC4556
Frequency Response: (±3dB)20Hz-22KHz
Input: BT 5.0, APTX, RCA
Output: RCA, 3.5mm Headphone Amplifier
SNR: 100dB
THD: 0.001%
Line Output Impedance: Up to 600R
Headphone Output Impedance: 16-150R
Line Input Impedance: 600R-20K
Headphone Power Output: 30mW@16R, 50mW@32R, 70mW@68R, 70mW@150R
Sensitivity: 0.775Vrms
RCA RMS Level: 2Vrms
Bass/Treble Gain: ±8dB
Power Supply: 12V 1A
Color: Black/Silver(optional)
Unit Weight: 0.4kg
Package Weight: 0.695kg
Unit Size: 3.85 x 5.82 x 1.3 in
Package Size: 10.23 x 7.87 x 2.63 in

Package List:
1 * Preamplifier
1 * Power Cable
1 * Amplifier Antenna
2 * Bulb
1 * User Manual

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.