E Bike Battery 48V 13AH Li-ion E-Bike Battery Pack Electric Bicycle Battery Fit on Down Tube


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The electric Ebike li-ion battery adopt imported electric core and equipped with protective plate.It is light in weight and easy to transport and carry.Large capacity makes the bike lasting endurance,which way brings you great convenience!

36V 15.6AH lithium ion battery. 
The USB port can charge your phone and other devices in outdoors.
LED battery indicator can inform you to charge in time.
The IP54 waterproof battery is fully sealed with hard plastic shell,protects the battery effectively,even on muddy roads.
When the motor is overloaded,the system automatically switches off to protect the technical components against damage.
The input and output are more stable and its large capacity makes the service life of battery longer.
Built-in a protective plate,which prevent over charge,over discharge,over current and short circuit and ensure the long life expectancy.
Equipped with mounting bracket to fix battery on most bike frame,you can use the key to open the anti-thief lock to recharge the battery.
Our battery fits in most 36V motor kit,but NOT compatible with Bosch,SHIMANO,Yamaha and Panasonic. (Apply to electric motor power: ≤ 800W)

Model: HA193 / HA194 (optional)
Apply to electric motor power: ≤ 800W
Battery Size: 360 * 90 * 92 mm / 14.2 * 3.5 * 3.6 in
Rated Voltage & Rated Power: 36 V 15.6 Ah
Battery Power: 561 Wh
Cell: 60 PCS
With Charger: 42 V 3 A
Resistance of the Battery: ≤ 200 mΩ
Standard Charging Current: 2 A
Maximum Charging current: 5 A
Limited Charging Voltage: 42 V
Maximum Operating Current: ≤ 30 A
Apply to Electric Motor Power: ≤ 800 W
Charging Temperature: 0 to 45°C
Discharge Temperature: -20 to 60 °C
Save Recommended Recharge(store in one month): ≥ 95 %
Type of Charge: CC/CV (constant current, constant voltage)
Continuous Discharge Current(BMS): 30 A
Peak Discharge Current: 75 A
Discharge Protection voltage: 39 V
Life: ≥ 800 cycles with DOD 80 %
Battery Weight: Approx. 3845 – 3920 g / 8.5 – 8.6 lb
Package Weight: Approx. 4921 – 5156 g / 10.8 – 11.4 lb

Package List:
1* Battery
1* Mounting Bracket
2* Black Battery Gasket
1* Set of Accessory
2* Keys
1* Charger (with EU Plug & Metal Adapter)
1* User Manual

1.PLEASE BE CAREFUL BEFORE ORDERING: Our battery fits in most motor kit,but no compatible with Bosch,SHIMANO,Yamaha,Panasonic.
2.When charging the battery,please use the regular brand charger.The charging time should not exceed 6 hours.
3.It is strictly forbidden to place batteries in water and in fire,so as to avoid getting close to the heat source.
4.It is forbidden to use metal and conductive materials to plug in the charging and discharging interfaces.
5.If you do not use the battery for a long time, please keep the battery power between 40% and 70%,it is recommended that the battery be charged every two months;otherwise,the battery may be damaged,and this irreversible damage is not within the warranty.
6.Please keep these products and accessories properly and keep them away from children.
7.Unauthorized self-repair and modification of parts may cause damage to the product and such man-made damage is not covered by the warranty.
8.Please use this product according to your local laws, regulations and restrictions.

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.