Dog Bathrobe Towel Dog Drying Coat


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Skin-friendly material: Made of high-quality polyester. It feels soft and comfortable.
Seven sizes: There are seven sizes for choice. It's suitable for dogs of various sizes.  
Easy to wear: The sticky strap design makes it easier to put on and take off. Besides, the widened waist belt design can wrap dogs completely. The two adjustable buckles enable you to adjust the neck and bottom size according to the dog's size.
Keep warm: The highly absorbent material and the wrapping design can absorb water quickly. Compared with using a hairdryer and other drying methods, this is an ideal way to prevent pets from catching a cold after bathing or walking in the rain. It can also help your pets keep warm and comfortable in winter. 
Machine washable: These towels can be machine washed and dried, air-dried or sun-dried, and are durable.

Name: dog bathrobe towel 
Color: dark grey/blue(optional)
Material: polyester  
XS: pet back length: 25-35cm/neck circumference: 35cm/chest circumference: 38-52cm/weight: 3-6kg 
S: pet back length: 35-45cm/neck circumference: 43cm/chest circumference: 45-62cm/weight: 6.5-12kg 
M: pet back length: 38-50cm/neck circumference: 48cm/chest circumference: 55-70cm/weight: 12.5-20kg 
L: pet back length: 42-55cm/neck circumference: 52cm/chest circumference: 65-80cm/weight: 20-27.5kg 
XL: pet back length: 52-65cm/neck circumference: 60cm/chest circumference: 70-95cm/weight: 27.5-32.5kg
2XL: pet back length: 60-73cm/neck circumference: 66cm/chest circumference: 80-100cm/weight: 32.5-40kg
3XL: pet back length: 68-80cm/neck circumference: 70cm/chest circumference: 85-110cm/weight: 40-50kg 
Package information:
Size: 22*29*2cm/22*29*3cm/25*30*3.5cm/25*30*4cm/32*35*4cm/32*35*4.5cm/32*35*5cm  
Weight: 140g/190g/220g/250g/380g/430g/510g

Package list:
1*dog bathrobe towel 

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.