DAB+ 004S DAB Box Digital Radio Antenna Tuner FM Transmission Type-C Powered for Car Radio Android 5.1 and Above (Only for Countries that have DAB Signal)


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What is DAB+?
DAB is the third generation broadcast after the traditional analog broadcast AM/FM Digital Audio Broadcasting. DAB+ is an upgraded version of the original DAB technology. It can be compatible with DAB as well. The new radio standard DAB: Digital Audio Broadcasting allows you multi-regional music with your local well-known and also new channels. CD sound quality and noise-free in excellent transmission make DAB Radio a special experience in the vehicle. DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) has gradually replaced the traditional analog broadcast AM/FM. Permanent increase in channels and expansion of the station area soon make DAB accessible to most of Europe.

* If your android 5.1 and above car multimedia has pre-installed the DAB+ App, just buy this Type-C powered DAB+ Box to get digital radio.
* Fit all our Android car multimedia and most other Android 5.1 or upper version units on the market. Enjoy the superior audio quality of DAB+ in your car.
* The included antenna itself is advanced with amplified function, high sensitivity, use the MCX port to connect.
* Plug and play, Type-C port supply power for DAB+ Box and the connecting Antenna, no extra power cable needed. Unique power indicator, real-time visibility of connection state.
* Delicate and small size design, easy to install, with 1-meter Type-C adapter power cable and 3-meter antenna cable.

How to operate on the DAB+ box?
1. After you connect the DAB+ with the car Multimedia, click on the "DAB+" app (this should be installed in advance, if not, please connect with us.).
2. Check the DAB+ signal, see the upper right side for the signal status.
3. Click the search icon, it will find the DAB+ stations and save them on the bottom.

1. Car multimedia should support DAB function.
2. Car multimedia should be equipped with Android system (Android 5.1 and above).
3. DAB App should be preinstalled.
4. Due to the relatively short coverage area of DAB signals, some areas may find fewer radio programs.
5. Only suitable for countries that have DAB signal: Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong China, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The United Kingdom.
6. If the pre-installed app of the car or the DAB app downloaded from Google Market is not compatible, please contact us to get the APK file.
Model Number: DAB+ 004S
Working Temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Power Supply: 5V Type-C Port
Frequency Range: 174-240MHz
Channel Separation: 55dB
Channel Difference: +/-3dB
Input Impedance: 50Ω
Antenna Input Type: MCX
Length of USB Adapter Power Cable: 1.0M
Length of Amplified Antenna Cable: 3.0M
Color: Black
Main Item Size: 4.5*4.5*1.3cm/1.77*1.77*0.51in
Main Item Weight: 18.8g/0.66oz
Package Size: 18*14*5cm/0.70*0.55*0.19in
Package Weight: 174g/6.13oz

Package List:
1 * DAB+ Box
1 * Type-C Adapter Power Cable
1 * Amplified Antenna
1 * User Manual (English/German)

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.