Cat Leash Harness Set


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The outdoor kitten harness is soft and breathable, bright reflective strip with sturdy D-ring, fully adjustable and easy to wear. Lightweight and no pressure allowing them to play more freely and lively. With the escape-proof cat harness, it is easy to take the kitten to a strange place to travel, and no longer have to worry about the cat getting lost.

Made of lightweight, soft, breathable air-mesh fabric, with soft margin and sponge cushion which can prevent injuries and provide good protection and perfect comfort. 
This cat harness can be used in all seasons, regardless of the hot or cold weather. The non-stick hair lining and breathability allow you not to worry about cat skin problems.
Reflective strip makes cat visible in low light conditions and improves safety when walking at night. 
A sturdy D-ring on the back to attach to leash. It can evenly distribute the pulling pressure of leash across the chest and shoulders, which is less pulling pressure on your pet's fragile neck. 
Both neck and chest strap are completely adjustable. It is easy to wear and take off. The adjustable design is very suitable for growing cats. 
The harness can surround cats comfortably in 360 degrees. Coupled with a thick and firm leash, not easy to break, multiple protection, make the cat unable escape. 
Suitable for daily walking, jogging, training, and any outdoor recreations. 

Material: Air-mesh fabric
Color: Pink, Black, Red, Grey, Blue (optional)
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL (optional)
Chest Range:
 XS: 240-260mm / 9.45-10.24in
 S: 270-340mm / 1.63-13.39in
 M: 350-390mm / 13.78-15.35in
 L: 400-450mm / 15.75-17.72in
 XL: 460-520mm / 18.11-20.47in
Belt Size: 1500 * 20mm / 59.06 * 0.79in
Weight Suggested:
 XS: within 5.5 jins
 S: 6-8 jins
 M: 9-13 jins
 L: 14-20 jins
 XL: 21-26 jins
Package Weight: 
 XS: 120g / 4.23ounces
 S: 130g / 4.59ounces
 M: 138g / 4.87ounces
 L: 142g / 5.01ounces
 XL: 160g / 5.64ounces
Package Size: 
 XS: 160 * 110 * 30mm / 6.3 * 4.33 * 1.18in
 S: 180 * 130 * 30mm / 7.09 * 5.12 * 1.18in
 M: 210 * 140 * 30mm / 8.27 * 5.51 * 1.18in
 L: 230 * 150 * 30mm / 9.06 * 5.91 * 1.18in
 XL: 280 * 170 * 30mm / 11.02 * 6.69 * 1.18in

Please measure your cat and refer to the size chart first before ordering. 
The harness should be snug enough for you to fit one finger between the straps and any part of your cat's body.

Packing List:
1 * Cat Harness 
1 * Walking Leash

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.