Audio Video Capture Card USB 3.0 Video Capture Converter 1080P 60fps Game Video Capture Recorder for PS4 Game Camera Camecorder Live Streaming


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This USB 3.0 capture card can simultaneously capture video and audio, and can transmit audio and video signals to a computer or smartphone for preview and storage. It is suitable for high-definition collection, live video collection, teaching record video collection, online course video collection and storage, medical imaging collection, etc.

One HD input, One HD loop out, Watching and Recording.
Adopting USB 3.0 channel Recoding of high-speed Full HD Screen.
Design of Low-power, No additional power supplied.
No need to install the driver, plug and play.
Suitable for HD acquisition, teaching recording, medical image, etc.

Don't use HUB Or USB extender cables.
You must connect to the USB3.0 port of your computer
The compression mode of recording is MJPEG, and the picture will have some unclearly.
Low computer configuration will be caused to   irregular flicker or black screen
It is normal for the recorded picture and the original picture not to be synchronized.
If you use the Windows system, you should set Audio Sample Rate to 48Khz, otherwise, the recording audio quality will be bad.
It is incompatible with Win7!

Type: Video Capture
Color: Black
Resolution: 720×480(60p), 720×576(50p), 1280×720 (50p),1280×720(60p), 1920×1080 (50p),1920×1080(60i), 1920×1080 (24p), 1920×1080(25p), 1920×1080 (30p), 1920×1080(50p), 1920×1080 (60p)
Support system: Win8, 10, compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 or more, Linux
Record quality: Max 1080p 60fps
System Requirement:
PC: Core i5-3400+NVIDIA GT630
Laptop: Core i7-U 2.0GHz+NVIDIA GT735
Mac: i5 quad-core or above, VGA card supporting DirectX 10, Sound Card, 4GB RAM
USB 3.0 port: with a native USB3.0 host controller (Renesas fresco…)
Item Size: 7.9 * 5.2 * 1.5cm / 3.11 * 2.05 * 0.59in
Item Weight: 68.7g / 2.42oz
Package Size: 16 * 11 * 3.5cm / 6.30 * 4.33 * 1.38in
Package Weight: 180.7g / 6.37oz
Package List:
1 * Capture
1 * User Manual

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.