Aquarium DIY CO2 Generator System Kit


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Just add citric acid, baking soda, water into the bottle, which can produce carbon dioxide. The plant metabolic rate can be increased quickly, create the best growing conditions for fishes. It is the best choice for making CO2 equipment at home. It is easy, safe, and economical. Raw material ratio: A bottle: Citric acid 200g+water 600g; B bottle: Baking soda 200g+water 200g.

Be made of aluminum alloy. It is strong, durable, and efficient. Well-sealed caps and pipes, leak-proof, non-deformed, never loose. Professional pressure gauge for pressure watch. Cheap, simple to create pure CO2 constantly by chemical reactions.
Solenoid valve: To control the on and off of the CO2 generator system using a timer(not included). Bubble counter with a check valve: Flow-rate of CO2 gas indication device and prevent water flow back into the bottle.
Equipped with a safety valve, the pressure is greater than 4kg pressure will relief automatically, carbonated beverage bottle pressure is 8kg, safety is ensured.
The safety valve supports manual pressure relief. When the pressure is below 4kg, it can be manually relieved by pull the ring of the safety valve. It is very safe.
Come with a bubble diffuser, refine the bubbles and make it easy to dissolve in water and be absorbed by plants. Inject to your aquarium with CO2 quickly and easily.
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Name: DIY CO2 generator system
Main material: Aluminum alloy
Main color: Silver
Voltage: AC 100V-240V input; DC 12V output
Raw material ratio:
A bottle: Citric acid 200g+water 600g
B bottle: Baking soda 200g+water 200g

1. The package does not contain containers for reaction raw materials. Please prepare 2* 1.5L or large plastic beverage bottles (coke plastic bottles are the best). Do not use glass bottles or beer bottles to avoid glass bottles accidentally cracking or exploding due to excessive pressure in the bottle.
2. Boost pressure operation: If the pressure gauge shows that the pressure is too low to reach 1KG, the boost pressure operation is required. The customer needs to open the trim valve to release the gas, then close the trim valve and shake the bottle (the AB bottle is shaken together) in order to reach the raw materials faster. Repeat the operation, and then observe the pressure until the pressure rising. If the pressure achieves the ideal pressure you could stop the operation. The best starting pressure is 1KG.
3. Don't open the bottle directly when there's still on pressure, please wait for its automatic pressure release.

Package Information:
Package size: 22.5*7*12cm
Package weight: 530g
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Package List:
1* CO2 generator system
1* Solenoid
1* Bubble counter with check valve
1* Pressure gauge
1* Bubble diffuser
1* 1.5m tube
2* Suction cup
1* Check valve
1* Manual

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.