6 Way Fuse Block Box W/Negative Bus, Updated Automotive Blade Fuse Block Holder with LED Indicator Thumbscrew Protection Cover Label Sticker for DC 12-32V Auto Car Marine RV Boat


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6 Circuit fuse block,upgraded, is applied to ATC/ATO fuses, Which has positive & negative side, Meaning for every positive terminal screw there's a negative terminal screw. Max operating voltage: 32V DC, Max 20Amp per circuit & 200Amp per panel. thumbscrew to fix the dust cover, It's more durable and convenient than push latch button, Adds extra safety to the box and fuses.
Car fuse box with LED warning light,is both safe and easy for you to check and replace the blown fuse.Red LED warning light will light up immediately when the corresponding fuse is blown. Automotive fuse block will indicate exactly where there is a short circuit or any other fault so you can easily identify it and change it.
Marine fuse block,Made of environmentally friendly PBT material, meets all the standards of an ideal fuse box. Fuse panel,mechanically strong, insulated, heat resistant, and flame resistant,will hardly cause issues like produce fracture, deformation, combustion, burning or short circuit phenomenon.
Waterproof fuse block ,with a neat clip-on PC cover,has the advantages of good insulation, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength to protect for fuse boxes and fuses.Car wiring fuse box,with multi-function stickers for DIY your specific need, You can quickly identify which appliance is going wrong.
6-way fuse box w/negative bus Screw nut terminal,can be widely used in vehicle, car, marine,bus,marine,truck, boat,automotive,atv, utv,etc. Universal fuse box is almost suitable for all vehicles with a 12-24 Volt DC power source,can be directly connected to the car roof lamp/car headlight/width indicator lamp/fog lamp/car refrigerator/car charger/car fan/car TV etc.

Main line
terminal rating:M 5 threaded studs     (100A 32V DC.max)
wire size:#4-6 AWG
Single line
terminal rating:Copper/nickel plating 1/4" (6.3mm)  ( 20A 32V DC.max)  
wire size:#12-16 AWG  
Terminal:Nickel plated copper        
Screw:Stainless steel     
Gasket: Butadiene rubber       
Seal ring: Silicone        
Size of Hole: 55.0mm×60.0mm    
Accepts ATO or ATC fuse  1A to 20A !
Red LED indicates when fuse is broken.

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6 Way Fuse Block

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.