433MHz Electric Gate Garage Door Opener Control Duplicator Portable Remote Control Key Fob


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1. The essential condition for the selection of the remote control;the copyed remote control operates normal,chip is compatible and frequency is correct.
2. Before buying ,please make sure the copyed remote control operating frequency or choose & buy the frequency adjustable type remote control.
3. Before buying,please confirm whether your remote control can be copyed or not.
4. The remote control can copy the fixed codes and learning codes. It can't copy original car remote control, two-way remote control and rolling code remote control (Rolling code chips start with HCS commonly,such as HCS200,HCS201,HCS300,HCS301,etc)

Cloning chip types: 
2260(PT2260,SC2260,LX2260,HX2260); 2262,(PT2262,SC2262,LX2262,HS2262,HX2262),PT2264,PT2240(LX2240),1527( EV1527,HS1527,HX1527 ),FP527,CS5211,SMC918,SMC926,AX5026,AX5326-3,AX5326-4,HT600,HT680,HT6207,HT6010,HT6012,HT6013,HT6014,HT12D, HT46F49E, PIC16F629,PIC16F630 and so on. Different chip manufacturers have different prefixes chip model, as long as the digital portion of the chip can be the same model. 
*Wireless remote control duplicator is widely used in electric telescopic door remote control, road gate remote control, alarm remote control , Garage doors, Electronic gates, Electrical appliances, Home automation, lights, etc.
*Ultra-small error of copying data code and copy oscillation resistance. High accuracy of copying and high effective of copying. Privacy is strong. Each key password alone save. 
*433MHz, transmit distance is 50-100m(Open space), bringing you new experience of remote control and much convenience in your daily life.
*Stable signal can pass through walls, floors, doors or windows.
*Multi-functional and multi-variable, personalized and user-friendly simple design and fast to use.

Operating Voltage: DC12V
Operating Current: 12mA
Button: 4 Buttons
Battery: button battery (included)
Wireless Communication: RF
RF Frequency: 433MHz
Encoding Type: Self Copy
Modulation System: ASK (Amplitude Modulation)
Transmission Distance: 50-100m(Open space)
Material: ABS+Metal
Package Size: Approx. 9 * 6 * 1.5cm / 3.5 * 2.4 *0.59in
Package Weight: Approx. 37g / 1.3oz

Package List:
1* Remote Controller (with battery)

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.