40W Laser Engraving Machine Mini Desktop Laser Engraver Printer Portable Carver DIY Laser Logo Mark Printer Ultra-fast Engraving of Stainless Steel and Oxidized Metal Working Area 170*200mm


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This laser engraving machine features the function of print carving & cutting, with higher precision and higher stability than the old version.  It is great for DIY engraving beginner. It supports adjustable laser power, convenient and suitable for all kinds of flammable materials.  Upgrade 40W all metal engravable laser module, provide you Infinite carving ability.

DK-4.0 Laser Engraver is especial designed for DIY Laser Engraving Machine with professional control software, giving you extreme portable experience.
Included 40W Laser Head, can be fast carving 201/304 stainless steel, titanium steel and anodized aluminum, stone, MDF, Balsa, wood, fabric, plastic, PCB, paper, bamboo, horn, leather, sponge paper, etc. except copper, aluminum raw materials; Cutting 3mm thick paper, non-waven, 2mm thick black acrylic, pvc,etc.
Time Saving & Cost-Effective — The Biggest Advantage of this Updated Machine is quick sculpting, only a few minutes can complete a sculpture.  USB DIY laser engraving machine for laser carving and more cost-effective than normal engraving machine.
Single-arm Movement — New structure design makes it lighter and more portable while also ensuring the stability. 
Simple Assemble & Driver Install— You just need to assemble the X-axis and Y-axis together, very easy to get started.  Getting the driver and software installed was real easy.  Download and install directly from the link, the software will be automatically connected after opening the software.
Easy Operation — Support our professional self-developed software for Win 7 and more than Win 7 system which supports a variety of image formats. Can print any pictures easily and can be directly read in jpg, PXIG, GIF, ICO, png, gcode, etc.
Supports the operation of computer and android phone APP controller,intelligent collection and creation, photo scanning, intelligent algorithm automatic connection printing. Taking a JPG / PNG / Gcode photo from camera or album, and send the photo to the windows software directly.
Professional file processing algorithm, the software can restore your design 1:1 lossless to each pixel. A variety of image algorithms better present the image characteristics of your family or idol.
You can do the complex edits in PS / Inkscape / CAD or similar and just burn with the included program.
The laser focus is easy to adjust with your hands.

1. 30W and 40W Laser Head is Focused, no focusing button required. 
2. During operation, the laser head and the object must be kept at a distance of 2 cm.
3. Please use the metal column for the 30W laser head to adjust the focal length of the laser head and the engraved object.

Model: DK4.0 ( Wireless dual template)
Laser Head: Without Laser/5500mW/10W/20W/30W/40W (optional)
Material of Machine : Aluminium Alloy+Acrylic
Main Color: Black
Plug: UK
Laser Wavelength: 448-462nm
Power Supply: AC 100-240V Output 12V 5A
Connection Method: WiFi / Cable
Data interface: USB
Supported Formats: jpg / bmp / png
Lead Screw: T8
Carving Space: 170*200mm / 6.69inch x 7.87inch
Supported OS: win7 system and above / above android mobile phone 4.0 system
Supported Formats: jpg,  png, gcode, etc
Engrave Mode: Image Engraving, Text Carving, Contour Carving, Pixel Carving
Carving Object: wood, bamboo, paper, plastics, leather, rubber,  Acrylic etc.
Product Weight: 1.8kg/ 3.97lb
Product Size: 33*40*12cm/ 13*15.7*4.7in
Package Weight: 2.3kg/ 5.07lb
Package Size: 44*28*14cm/ 17.3*11*5.5in

1. Please wear laser goggles during using and avoid touching the laser directly with your eyes and skin.
2. The shipping package contains USB Flash Drive, you can  get laser engraving tutorial, user guide, software download link, etc. from it.
3. Offline controller is included in package.

Package List:(DIY Kit, Need To Assemble By Yourself.)
1 * DIY CNC Engraving Machine Kit
1 * 40W Laser Head


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.