3 Gang Waterproof Marine Boat Rocker Switch Panel with Blue/Red/Green LED Backlight 4.8V Dual USB Charger+Power Supply Base for Car SUV Marine RV Truck Camper Boat


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IP66 Waterproof,RV marine boat switch panel comes with a special rubber steel-cap, splash-proof panel and anti-seepage rubber ring. Not worry about water when using them in boat or ship.
The product is a 3-position switch panel, including 3 switches, which can control the switch state of 3 electrical appliances at the same time
The product input voltage is 12-24 V, 12-24 V, all ships and vehicles can be installed and used in a wide range of applications
The products are ABS, PC, PBT, high and low temperature resistant, flame retardant and environmental protection materials, which can be used in the environment with the minimum temperature of – 25 ° and the maximum temperature of 80 ° respectively
Products with USB charger, can be used for mobile phone charging, navigation, dash cam, etc
The product is equipped with cigarette lighter power socket, which can be used for your equipment, such as vehicle charging, plug, dash cam, car charging pump, etc.
The switch is equipped with LED backlight, which is on when the switch is on and not on when it is off, which is convenient to use and identify at night.
Application: it can be used as headlight switch, fog lamp switch, vision lamp switch, car refrigerator switch, vehicle vacuum cleaner switch, car external equipment power supply for mobile phone, flat panel, etc
Installation scope: it is applicable to ship, yacht, RV, bus, etc

Product Name: 3-digit green light switch panel, multi-function panel, vehicle charging + power socket
Product material: ABS, nylon, aluminum plate high and low temperature resistant flame retardant environmental protection materials
Light color: Blue / Green / red
Opening size: length: 8.2cm, width: 6.2cm
Product color: Black
Working temperature: – 25 ℃ – 80 ℃
Input voltage: DC12V / 24V
USB charging performance:
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 4.8A (2.4a + 2.4a)
Switching performance:
Voltage and current: DC 12V 20A / DC24V 10A
Power supply socket:
Rated voltage and current: DC 12V 20A / DC 24V 10A
Maximum power: 240W
Product size: 10 * 11 * 11cm
Package size: 11.3 * 11.3 * 12.3cm
Packing method: white box packing
Net weight: 253 G
Package weight: 310G

Packing list:
1 * 1 switch panel
4 * self tapping screws
2 * labels for vehicle and ship switch
3 * 15cm red line
3 * heat shrinkable tube terminal block
3 * Blue terminal block

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.