3.5W LED Solar Floating Fountain Pump


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This product uses high-efficiency solar panels and a new type of brushless water pump. It has the advantages of fast start-up, high efficiency, and strong stability. It will continue to provide splashes for your garden and terrace. Only need to clean and maintain. It can be widely used in gardens, birdbaths, small ponds, water circulation for oxygen, etc.

[LED Light]Solar fountain pump with 24 LED lights, when the light detection night comes, there are white colors light up.
[7 Nozzles]With 7 different types of nozzle heads attached, you can get different water shapes and heights in different water patterns.
[Anti-collision Bar]The upgraded design of 4 anti-collision bars can prevent the water pump from drifting to the edge of the birdbath and spraying water to the ground.
[2000mAh Battery]2000mAh rechargeable battery automatic storage of solar energy. It can be used on cloudy days or sunlight is weak.
[Useful]The new solar fountain has 2 working modes, day mode: the light is off, and the solar fountain spray water; night mode: light is on, and the solar fountain spray water.

Color: Black
Material: ABS, PC
LED Source: 24pcs Light
Light color: White
Solar panel: 3.5W/9V Polycrystalline Solar Panel
Brushless pump input: DC 5-9V
Maximum quantity of flow: 120-220L/h
Maximum water height: 40-60cm / 15.74-23.62inch
Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium Battery
Waterproof: IP68
Product Diameter: 20cm / 7.87inch
Package Size: 21*20.5*5.5cm / 8.26*8.07*2.16inch
Package Weight: 583g / 1.28lb

1. Working power of the solar panel will be influenced by weather, location, etc.
2. Don't make the pump work without water for a long time, or its lifespan will be shortened.
3. Clean the pump regularly. If it is blocked, it will stop working.
4. The packing contains small parts so please keep them away from children and pets.(danger of suffocation)

Packing List:
1 * Solar-powered Fountain
1 * 7PCS Nozzles
1 * Connection Pipe
1 * 4CPS Plastic Pipe
1 * 4PCS Fasteners
1 * Manual (English)

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.