0-380V 0-30A Digital Multimeter 2.4-in Color Screen Electric Energy Meter Voltage/Current/Power/Energy/Capacity Tester Detector Monitor


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This multimeter features reliable quality material, stable performance and high accuracy, supports BT wireless connection available for wireless digital transmission & remote monitor in real time. A practical tester to use! 

Pair the mobile phone with tester, remote control & monitor can be achieved; charging status, various measurement data & graph can be viewed on the phone.
With this tester, users enable to test DC 1.5-380V power supply and various products, such as batteries, power adapter, power bank and more.
It has high definition 2.4-in color screen, shows all the measure data on one screen, for easy readability and monitoring charging efficiency at any time to protect charging equipment.
Versatile for use, this tester is capable of measuring voltage, current, power, resistance, energy, capacity, temperature and other indicators in real time.
Comes with NTC temperature probe accessory, it is able to measure internal temperature(the temperature of the object under test), but also external temperature(environment temperature).
Its real-time discharge&charge detection and output control, makes you set up voltage value as you need, avoids damaging charging device.

Material: Electronic Components
Color: Black
Voltage measurement range under test voltage power supply mode: 7~380V
Voltage measurement range in independent voltage supply mode: 0~380V
Measuring power: 0~11400W (0~11.4kW)
Measuring current range: 0~30A
Working temperature: 0~60℃
Item weight(tester only): 52g / 1.83oz
Item size: 8.5*6*3.5cm / 3.34*2.36*1.37in
Package weight: 128g / 4.51oz
Package size: 12*9*3.5cm / 4.72*3.54*1.37in

Tester only, other accessories are not included.
Please read the user manual carefully before usage.
Due to manual measurement, there may be deviation.
Due to lighting, the picture and material object may slightly differ in color, please in kind prevail. 

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1 * Tester

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.